A Fulfilling Interview

Let me tell you about one of the most selfless, giving, and encouraging women I’ve ever talked with! Lisa Hansen is the powerhouse behind the San Antonio Women’s Conference and the virtual self-help course entitled ‘A Thriving Mother.’ She’s also publishing a book that will be available for purchase this Holiday season. Lisa has poured her heart and soul into cultivating a sense of friendship, unity, and fulfillment among all women in the San Antonio community, and she’s just getting started.

After graduating from Brigham Young University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering Lisa began traveling the world for her career and had a blast with each new experience. She had met her husband, Greg, in college and when he took a job in San Antonio their relationship continued long-distance for four years. When they decided to get married she found a job here in San Antonio at Boeing and they started their life here. She began to explore her options for attending Culinary School and realizing her childhood dream of becoming a Pastry Chef, and was pleased to find the Culinary Institute of America at The Pearl. Fast forward to two years ago, Lisa was living with her husband and best friend, was the mom of two sweet boys, and was running her own bakery full time.

In the midst of running a bakery, keeping up with her kids and all of their needs, and trying to stay fulfilled as a wife and as her own person, she started to struggle.

“Here I was living my dream, right? I’d had this dream since I was little and I had done all the work and made it all happen and here I was. But I wasn’t as happy as I wanted to be. I wasn’t fulfilled in the way that I thought I would be.”

Lisa Hansen

Hearing Lisa say these words GOT me. Like, lightbulb-dinging got me. This exact thought has crossed my mind more times than I can count. I felt this way when I graduated college, I felt this way as a first- and second-year teacher, I felt this way as a veteran teacher, I felt this way when I got my Master’s degree, and I still feel this way after changing careers completely. I can’t help but wonder how many other women have had this exact thought too?

This struggle that Lisa found herself in drove her to do some heavy research on the topic and she ended up attending several conferences and reading a ton of articles online.

“Through trial-and-error I found out there are some core human needs that we all have that I wasn’t fulfilling for myself. I was fulfilling all these external things but I was neglecting my inner core needs. I made a huge shift and it was amazing. My husband even said, ‘You’re so much happier and nicer!’”

Lisa Hansen

As she started talking to more women, she realized how many were having that same struggle. “They were doing all the things they thought they were supposed to do and MORE and giving so much to life and motherhood but were still struggling to feel personally fulfilled and at the end of the day they were just tired and not so excited about the rest of life. I felt this desire to share my experience and help them, and I really felt compelled to host a conference.”

Last October she felt a strong pull from God and booked a venue for her first conference to be held the following February. She announced the conference in November with the tagline “Creating Your Personally Fulfilled Life.” She wanted to create a day for women to come learn about their needs, how to fulfill them, and how to say ‘No’ to the things that only fulfill other people. She began working furiously to pull together the event she had been dreaming about for so long.

In February of 2020, Lisa hosted a sold-out conference at The Voigt Center. She gave the keynote address entitled “Living Your Fulfilled Life: Prioritizing Your Time & Honoring Yourself.” There were several guest speakers, including Christie Cuthbert, who spoke on finding humor in motherhood, Mady Boyer, who taught everyone how to, “Prioritize and Simply,” Leslee Owen and Christine Brinkman presented their talk, “The Power of Community,” and Candace Stringham taught a workshop on photography. There were breakout sessions throughout the day that included sessions on: Small Business Ownership, Personal Finances, High Fitness, and a Health & Wellness panel. Lisa was able to reach out to eleven local boutiques who all came and set up booths for women to shop during breaks. She also put together a raffle basket with items from other local businesses.

I’d like to quickly point out that Lisa did all of the planning BY HERSELF and went from booking a venue in October to hosting a sold-out conference in February. As a person who took over a year to plan her wedding, I cannot believe she pulled this off! She did have some friends who helped her keep things running smoothly on the day of the conference, and her husband was up late with her the night before cutting out name tags and stuffing goody bags. And she said that going forward, she will hire someone to help with future conferences that she hosts!

Lisa has a passion for valuing Community over Competition among women, particularly women who own small businesses.

“There was definitely a portion of my life where I would see someone else succeed at something and I’d feel like they just took a big slice of the pie and now there was less pie left for me. But now I know that when someone else succeeds, it’s ok to CELEBRATE them. That their success takes NOTHING away from the things I’ve accomplished or will accomplish in the future. That it actually enriches my life to be able to celebrate successes with friends and family, whether they’re my successes or someone else’s. We’re taught as women not to think that way, not to lift someone else up, and that we’re literally supposed to be competing against every other woman out there. It’s not a healthy culture for any of us.”

Whoa. Let that one sink in.  I totally get that feeling of someone else taking a piece of the pie, and there have been countless times in the past that I’ve felt like throwing in the towel on my goals because someone else accomplished them first. I’ve always been a perfectionist with a Ricky Bobby mentality that says, “If you’re not the best -insert role here- then you must be the worst.” But I’m trying to turn that voice in my head off and surround myself with people like Lisa who are able to realize that we’re all stronger when we’re supporting each other.

Living for 8 months of uncertainty in a global pandemic has thrown a wrench into many of Lisa’s plans for this year, but she’s taken each one in stride. This Spring she took all of her profits –yes, ALL of her profits– from her conference and reinvested them in local small businesses owned by women. She did this by hosting virtual events like Quarantine Bingo and Impact Auctions. She also launched her first ‘Thriving Mother’ virtual course early in the Fall and is planning to launch another one for Winter. Although the pandemic was something she could never have planned for, the feedback she’s received on her conference and events thus far is something she never anticipated.

“So many women have told me they’re grateful for what I’m doing and sharing. It’s extremely humbling and deeply impacts me to feel like I could help someone in that way. That’s what the goal always was, but you often go into things with goals that aren’t achieved. To really feel like someone is more confident, loves themselves more and is having a more positive ‘go’ at life because I helped them is truly humbling and brings me to my knees in gratitude.”

Lisa Hansen

Looking ahead, Lisa still has big plans. She is re-opening her ‘Thriving Mother’ virtual self-help course (I was part of the first round- it is WELL worth your investment!) and she is weighing the options for future conferences. The Book she is publishing will be in the self-help genre to teach women to be confident in themselves and say “goodbye” to self-doubt. She wants every woman to know they are capable of accomplishing anything they want to: from being a different kind of mother to launching a successful business and everything between.

You can follow Lisa on Instagram @sanantoniowomensconference or check out her virtual courses at linktr.ee/TheLisaHansen

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Army Wife to the smartest and funniest dude. Cool mom to the 2 coolest kids that are 10 years apart and opposite in every way. Former High School teacher of fantastic students- Family & Consumer Science classes for 8 years. Passionate Eater, Halfhearted Cook.

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