Post #1- I don’t need a plan.

Here we go!

I was going to start this blog 6 weeks ago. I had incredible visions of writing about the Food Service Industry and how there is an emotional connection between food and people- hence, “Service, through food”. I wanted to tell the stories of employees in the industry, from minimum-wage drive-thru attendants to Food Truck owners and beyond.

I wanted to highlight their passions and their struggles, laugh and cry with them, and eat their food (or drink their drinks).

And then Coronavirus took over every single aspect of the world. Literally 5 days after I decided to start a blog.

Everything shut down immediately- and for good reason. But as the industry scrambled to adjust to new regulations, I scrambled to think of what I would put in my blog instead of what I had originally planned.

And it took my 6 weeks to realize something: I don’t need a plan. I just need to write. To document these crazy weeks, to provide entertainment for anyone willing to read, to relieve a little stress, and to provide myself something that is exclusively “mine” during this monotony.

So here’s the truth- I haven’t even touched my own laptop in 6 weeks.

Wait- I take that back. I have touched it, but the only to log into my daughter’s Google Classroom and pull up the weekly list of assignments from her 5th grade teacher every Monday morning. Then I set it on the island by her favorite stool and it’s hers the rest of the week. Tonight when I flipped up the screen I had to close out of 13 tabs that were hers. THIRTEEN TABS!!! Unnecessary tabs are a pet peeve of mine but for her, the more the merrier. I should conduct research into how many tabs the general public considers “reasonable”.

Anyway, the rest of the day is spent answering any questions she has on her work in JUST the right tone because home girl is sensitive AF (she gets that from me). I also chase around a 1-year old and try to get him to say actual words instead of pointing and yelling. My husband is WFH (I finally learned what that means) and that occasionally adds to the chaos when he has to speak on a conference call. Without fail, he takes himself off “mute” at the exact moment the toddler decides he needs Dad RIGHT NOW! It’s a fun little game. Lastly, and don’t get me wrong I mean LASTLY, I sometimes decide to keep up with the laundry, dishes, and dust that have built up. And I try to exercise a little. And I eat snacks- more on that later.

Phew! At night I usually do some crossword puzzles and then read a few pages from my book before I crash. And you guessed it- I do it all over again the next day, and the day after that, and again, you get it.

I know everyone is living their own version of this weird, repetitive, challenging-but-not routine. And we’re all seeking new ways to keep ourselves occupied while we shelter in place. So the new direction of my blog is: I want to serve you, the reader, by talking about food. But not just food itself- there are millions of other places you can get that info. I’m going to talk about my emotional relationship with food. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Because it’s not all sunshine and rainbows (but there are plenty of those too).

I’m excited, determined, and a little bit scared! But this beats trying to find a documentary more enthralling than Tiger King (because there aren’t any).

Cheers to big rears and overcoming your fears! -Abby

Published by Abigail Spears

Army Wife to the smartest and funniest dude. Cool mom to the 2 coolest kids that are 10 years apart and opposite in every way. Former High School teacher of fantastic students- Family & Consumer Science classes for 8 years. Passionate Eater, Halfhearted Cook.

3 thoughts on “Post #1- I don’t need a plan.

  1. I love your honesty and and your spirit! Transparency is a refreshing attribute in your blog and I look forward to more!
    Cheers from IL 💛


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